Housing Stability

Emergency Assistance

At CAPLP we believe that everyone has a right to a simple, decent, affordable place to live in dignity and safety. Our Housing Program staff are on the front lines of helping those who are falling through the cracks of our system. Our first focus is on helping families address their immediate crisis situation by providing assistance for shelter, rent, mortgage payments, security deposits, or utilities. Our team works with families to develop a plan that works to build long-term stability, connecting them with other resources – both Lakes & Prairies and community resources. CAPLP is an access point for our community coordinated entry system CARES that provides access to all homeless housing programs as well as emergency resources to prevent households from falling into homelessness. If you or someone you know is at risk of becoming homeless, please call FirstLink at 211 or 701-235-7335 at any time of day or night to be screened for assistance. If you or someone you know is already experiencing homelessness, please call (218) 512-1500, email us or stop by our offices in Moorhead and Breckenridge to complete an assessment for housing.
Moorhead – 715 11th Street N. Suite 101 (1st floor of Family Service Center)
Breckenridge – 311 5th Street S.

Supportive Housing Programs

CAPLP provides a wide array of supportive housing programs for households that are experiencing homelessness. Housing assistance is paired with supportive services to ensure that households are able to overcome their personal barriers to maintaining housing stability. While the eligibility criteria often change, the process to gain access to all housing programs remains the same. Our community has created a shared waiting list for all homeless housing programs through the CARES program. Its purpose is to streamline access to homeless services and make the system client-centered, rather than agency-centered. We use shared (common) assessment tools, prioritize people into housing based on their vulnerability (level of need), and divert people with resources away from emergency shelter in order to save those beds for those without resources or supports.

You can access the FM Emergency Shelter network by calling 701-499-0000 or by clicking on the careslink logo. 

Housing and Homeless Services

Group Workcamp Home Repair Project

CAPLP partners with Group Workcamp Home Repair to provide home repairs to the older adults, persons with disabilities, and income eligible residents. Through this project we are able to transform homes and create better living conditions for the families we serve! Hundreds of youth from across America come together for one week every other summer to repair and transform homes.

Our most recent Group Workcamp was provided to residents near Moorhead, MN in the summer of 2022.  

CAPLP Group Workcamp
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